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Babbit Mounted Housings

Babbited Housing units provide compact and reliable usage in applications where continuous operation and uninterrupted service are required. Because the bearing material wears gradually, sudden breakdowns and costly maintenance are minimized. They also have an extremely quiet mode of operation. The standard bearing materials of babbitt, bronze and cast iron will handle a wide variety of applications such as log decks, sewage treatment equipment, furnances and ovens, quiet operating fans and blowers, power plant dampers and strokers, oscillating shaft applications and other general conveying and power transmission machinery. Additional key features of sleeve bearings include: securely anchored in housing; housing is drilled and tapped for grease cup or lubrication fitting - grooves distribute lubricant over loaded area; Finished ends permit flush mounting of pulley, sprocket, or collar against bearing when required; Mounting surface is finished to provide firm seating on flat support.

Types of Babbit Bearings: 

  • Plate
  • Rigid
  • Split
  • Solid Angle